Suzie's Snack Shop

Choosing a tree can make you hungry so we have a snack shop that sells drinks, hot dogs and snack foods (weekends Nov.-Dec.)

Hours Of Operation

The Friday after Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve

Monday 10:00 – 7:00

Tuesday 10:00 – 7:00

Wednesday 10:00 – 7:00

Thursday 10:00 – 7:00

Friday 10:00 – 8:00

Saturday 8:00 – 8:00

Sunday 8:00 – 7:00

All other times of the year by appointment




  We Offer...

 A Choose & Cut Option (Cut Your Own Tree from our Fields)

We provide Handsaws & Wagon rides to and from the fields

Priced by Type of Tree and Height of Tree

 We Do Not charge for the top spike on the tree

 All prices include a 6% PA Sales Tax


Types Available to Cut:

Douglas Fir

     Sizes range from 4' to 12’

     Prices range from $22.00 to $65.00

Concolor Fir

     Sizes range from 5’ to 12’

     Prices range from $34.00 to $85.00

Blue Spruce 

     Sizes range from 4' to 12'

     Prices range from $22.00 to $65.00

Caanan Fir 

     Sizes range from 5' to 12'

     Prices range from $34.00 to $85.00 

Fraser Fir 

     Sizes range from 5' to 12'

     Prices range from $34.00 to $85.00 

White and Scotch Pine (small selection available)

     Sizes range from 5' to 10'

     Prices range from $19.00 to $42.00 


A Pre-Cut Tree Option

On our Tree Lot we display 100s of fresh cut trees for your selection

All Lot Trees tagged with price  

Lot Trees priced by Type and Height – similar to choose and cut prices


Types Available to Select on Lot: Firs have the best Needle Retention

      Douglas Fir,       Fraser Fir,         Concolor Fir    

     Caanan Fir (Beginning Dec. 5th )  Blue Spruce (Beginning Dec. 12th )      

     Norway Spruce      Scotch Pine   Economy Priced


We get your tree ready to go home free of charge.

We make a fresh straight cut.

We shake your tree to remove unwanted needle shed, dirt and other debris you do not want to take into your home.

We drill your tree if you have a Stand Strait stand.  (If you don't and would like to try one, we do sell them)

The Stand Strait™ Stand, "The Marriage Saver"

Remember those old stands you had as a kid? Red and green with little steel screws to hold the tree strait. It would take hours to get the tree just right, and while you fiddled with that, your family was off doing fun holiday things. But no longer!!

With the Stand Strait™ system, all you do is align a predrilled hole in the trunk of the tree with a spike in the stand. And voila!! Your tree is up and perfectly straight in seconds!! Every time!!!

The stand just slips together with no tools. Tapered pin in center fits in tapered hole drilled in base of tree trunk. It really is that easy.

Lastly, we will bale your tree for easy transport home.

Santa may even show up to help!